Paul Burling

Established Television Personality, Paul Burling’s ITV Christmas special was watched by millions as he demonstrated his unique talent to "take off" the worlds superstars and household favourites. 

Now a regular on television Paul is working on a new project for air later this year, as well as making guest appearances on various popular shows. 2013 has seen Paul appear in Channel 4s ‘That Harry Hill Thing’, ITV's Celebrity ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’, and BBC's ‘Hoopla’.

Paul is a hugely experienced live performer and will be seen live by thousands this coming year. 

You can hear Paul’s Opinions on BBC Radio Bristol and look out for him in the upcoming ITV ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’ Celebrity Special.
Paul is currently performing in various great venues around the world and has a role in the new Harry Hill feature film playing his father, in cinemas 2014 spring.

He is also available for a host of purposes including: 

-- Advertisements 
-- Voice-overs 
-- Personal Appearances 
-- Live Shows & Tours
-- Radio
-- Television  

Bookings and Press Contact
Steve Leatham 
+44(0) 1582 540 005

Paul Burling Tour Diary 2014
(All touring dates are subject to change.)

4th - Berwick
5th - Berwick
11th - Air
12th - Edinburgh
18th - Lake District
19th - Blackpool
25th - Blackpool
26th - Presthaven
29th - Naze
30th - Clacton
31st -  Clacton

1st - Wales
2nd - Wales
5th - Wales
6th - Wales
7th - Wales
8th - Wales
9th - Wales
12th - Sandy Bay
13th - Whitley Bay
14th - Cayton Bay
15th - Bournemouth
16th - Burnham
19th - Isle of Wight
20th - Isle of Wight
21st - Isle of Wight
22nd - Perron
23rd - Riviere
25th - Southview
26th - California Cliffs
27th - Breydon
28th - Kessingland
29th - Littlesea
30th - Devon

5th - Rockley
6th - Chichester
12th - Weymouth
13th - Seaview
19th - All Hallows
20th - Hastings
26th - Orchards, Kent
27th - Wild Duck, Kent

3rd - Hopton
4th - Seashore
10th - Caister
11th - Golden Sands
17th - Thorpe Park
18th - Reighton Sands
24th - Blue Dolphin
25th - Primrose Valley
28th - Romney Sands
29th - Camber Sands

1st - Vauxhall

We will announce Paul's Pantomime shortly.

Paul as Harry Hill